Dr. Robin Harmia

Bio with my picture ( Robin is married to Erlinda M. Harmia)

Robin treasured many experience, and kept it to himself for over 30 years. But now Robin feels that it is the time for people to know that God is still a God of the supernatural, and that God can do anything He wants to do, and with whomever He wants. At the time, if you were to look at Robin in the natural, he looked no different than any other person that is in the world today when judging by his outward actions. But God is a heart God, and He was after Robin’s heart. Robin was certainly not looking for a supernatural experience such as this. After all, at the time he was minding his own business, which was in the world, sinning.

Ten days afterwards, on April 28, 1981, Robin was at his home in Centralia, Washington, with three of his friends, planning a trip. He didn’t know where he was going but just knew he wanted to get out of the State of Washington as quickly as possible. With all the strange things that were happening to him, he was expecting God's judgment to fall on Washington State and thought that the entire state was going to fall into the ocean. All Robin knew was that he had been caught in some kind of flow that had changed his life, and it was moving him out of there. He was convinced that God was going to destroy Washington State with an earthquake. The place where he lived was only 30 miles from Mt. Saint Helens, so he came up with the idea that he had to move past the continental divide to escape the judgment. Everything that he had witnessed in the sky had pointed east, so he knew he had to go east.

At that point in his life, Robin did not know that God is kind, loving and caring. He had a reverential fear of God and His power, but he never had any true knowledge of God. This left Robin very confused and scared. But on the 28th of April, the door in his home came flying open and the sound of wind came sweeping through. A friend said immediately "It's God!" And Robin replied, "God doesn't need to come through doors, He can come in anyway He wants." His children came running into the kitchen yelling, "The house is on fire! We smell smoke!" His two friends went running into the other room. They had a bright yellow kitchen and the atmosphere of the room turned reddish in color. Then the kitchen filled with a presence that Robin had never seen or felt before. He saw a big ball of fire that had something inside of it that looked like a tongue. Then, this presence came upon him and he started singing in an unknown language. Robin tried to stop it by putting his hand over his mouth, but then he spoke in a language that he had never heard before. Then Robin spoke in English and said "Each came Easter Day," and "Mountain." His eyes were as big as saucers. It was an awesome experience. Robin was not sure what had happened, but something had changed in him. He was at a loss for words, although he did not have a real lengthy vocabulary anyway, outside of curse words. But he could not curse after this experience. He was just really quiet and in awe. If it had not been for that experience, which he found out, later to be the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he would not have believed. All Christian's he had come in contact with afterward had told him that speaking in tongues was of the devil. But he had never witnessed the devil giving him anything good that would change his life for the better. So, he knew it was God.

Shortly after, he had another experience. Robin witnessed a ghost-like figure, shaped like a man that walked out of his house. Robin followed, and watched him ascend up in the air and go towards heaven. He so desperately wanted to go with him that night.

And then on April 29, 1981, Robin left Washington. He did not know where he was going, but he knew that his life was forever changed and that the presence of God was with him wherever he went. So he headed for Montana. The trip ended up taking him to Wyoming, Colorado, and then to El Paso, Texas, and finally to Odessa. Robin and his family got to Odessa, Texas at the end of June 1981.

At that time, Robin started praying and worshipping the Lord a lot. He also started to listen to Bible Scripture tapes, and also started preaching in church. The Pastor never did know that Robin couldn’t read. But yet on the streets that first year, Robin led 300 individuals to Lord. At one church service, the power of God came upon him, and it was like honey being poured out all over him. Robin began shaking all over, and he tried to stop himself and couldn't. He was literally trembling and shaking. A man standing behind him told Robin that he needed to get control of himself, and told him that he was out of order. Robin did not know what was happening. Two weeks later he had a vision about a mantle, and then two months later, a vision of picking up his Bible.

Robin had a visitation from the Lord after praying for six hours in tongues. He was instructed in this visitation to pick up his Bible and in so doing so he could read without skipping words for the first time in his life. Robin was also told in this same moment that God had placed a mantle on his life to preach the gospel. After praying and doing what he was instructed to do, he went out to his wife to ask what a mantle was. Not knowing what had happened to him, she told him that a mantle was a piece of wood over the fireplace. Needless to say, this confused him, and he cried, not understanding why God would give him a piece of wood to carry. He returned to his bedroom again to seek God for the answers that he needed. That same evening he attended a local Bible study, and the answer came in the minister’s teaching of the "Mantle of Elijah. Right then the Spirit of the Lord fell upon Robin, and he got so drunk in the Holy Spirit that he had to be carried out of the meeting. The minister was upset and did not understand what had happened to this fellow. He simply did not understand the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Then, in January 1983, while living in Odessa, Texas, Robin came across a book by Rev. Kenneth Hagin at a bookstore. Robin was not sure about the books, so he said to his wife, "These books are only a dollar, and if they are trash, I will not be out much!" So he bought three books: "Zoë ¬ God Kind Of Life," "Real Faith," and "Prayer." Robin and his family were having some really difficult times financially, and did not want to waste any money on something that wouldn’t help them. So, Robin went home and started reading these books. He got so excited about their contents that he knew these writings were truly from a man of God. Robin wanted to learn everything this man knew, so he went back to the bookstore and spent fifty dollars more on Kenneth Hagin books. The books that Robin feels changed him the most, were; Prayer to Peace," "Authority of the Believer" and "How to be led By the Holy Spirit." There were several others that affected him as well, but these did the most to get him going in the right direction.

Soon, Robin learned about the "Ephesians' Prayers" and started praying them over his own life. He read "How to be led by the Holy Spirit" five times in three months and meditated on it. He read the book "Concerning Spiritual Gifts," which is about Bible School and correspondence courses. So, Robin prayed and asked God for money to take the correspondence courses. Robin started preaching in February of 1983, and the Spirit of God started flowing through him because of what he had learned and meditated on in the books he had purchased.

Then the Spirit of the Lord spoke to Robin on April 30, 1983, to go to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and attend a Bible School there. Robin had never known that you had to be approved to be able to go to Bible School. He had to fill out an application, and get references from a Pastor and from personal people that he knew. When he again heard the Lord say he was to go to Bible School, he went again to the Lord saying; Lord we only have ten dollars. He immediately heard in his heart, In two weeks you will have two thousand dollars. The money came in as promised by the Lord, so in May of 1983, Robin planned to move again, to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and go to Bible School. He did not know what lay ahead for him in this town or what he was getting himself into. Robin set the date to leave, selling all his furniture, and packed the car for the day of departure. Then, something happened as they were backing out of the driveway ¬¬the reverse went out on the car. His landlord, (who was a Christian) came out and asked, quot; What are you going to do now?" Robin replied, "God said to go to Broken Arrow and attend Bible School." She replied, "Well, then I just want to give you back your deposit, because you may need it."

Robin left Odessa, Texas and traveled to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in a car with no reverse. Soon, they pulled into the parking lot of Rhema Bible Training Center. It was graduation day for the class of 1983. Robin went into the office and talked with the receptionist, saying, "I want to go to school here." The lady gave him an application. He walked out of the school and started reading the application and began to cry, believing they would never let him into the school because he had done too many things wrong in his life to be accepted. He figured he had missed God and thought he had better take the application back and then find a motel for the night and leave for Fayetteville, North Carolina in the morning. (He was not sure why he felt he should go to North Carolina). So, He took the application back and told the receptionist, You will never let me in, I have done too many things wrong in my life to qualify!" That night or maybe early the next morning, he’s not sure which, the Spirit of the Lord awakened him. They had a conversation, and Robin said, "Lord I don't have a pastor and I have no personal friends." The Spirit of the Lord instructed Robin to use a certain pastor’s name and also two individuals that did like him. Robin replied, "Lord, how is this ever going to work?" And the Lord replied, "I will make the way for you!" The next morning he told his family that they were staying and that they were going to find a home to stay in while he went to school.

Robin went back and filled out the applications, and sent in all the references as required. Then he had to have a personal interview with Dean of the Bible School, because of what the referral pastor wrote. Robin’s tuition came in supernaturally every month, as he used the Word of God, which he learned at school. He never told anyone that they were lacking food and money; they believed God was the source. Robin never worked the first year of Bible school because it took him 4 to 5 hours to read a 64-page book. Robin would read six hours or more a day, to be able to keep up with the classes.

In April 1984, their son got really sick and ended up at the City of Faith with a sickness that the doctor couldn't do anything about. Robin went to his pastor, Jerry Zirkles, and told him, and they prayed. Then Robin went to a church every night to pray, and the Spirit of the Lord told Robin to take his son out of the hospital, and He would heal him. So the next day, Robin did what the Holy Spirit directed him to do, and within that week his son was totally healed. Then, In July 1984, while in Wyoming, Natalie Maria, Robin’s daughter, died and God used Robin to bring her back to life. Maria still talks about it at different times even today. Then, in the fall of 1986, Robin and his family had just finished dinner when suddenly there was shouting across the way, like something bad was happening. So Robin walked over to the other house and there laid a young girl, about 8 or 9 years old, not breathing at all. Robin walked into the house, went to where her feet were, put his hands on her legs and said, "This is not going to be, in Jesus name." Suddenly, it was like another person was in the room, it looked as though someone lifted up her back and hit her! There was a big clod of blood that came spewing out of her mouth and then she took a deep breath in and laid back down. Then Robin turned and walked out, and right then emergency people arrived. Two weeks later, Robin talked with the girl, and she thanked him for his obedience to God. She said, "My parents are not Christians, but I am. What she said really surprised Robin.

The rest is history. The first year of Rhema was 1983-84, the second, 1988-89; Robin Harmia graduated (83/89) Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and has been ministering around the world for the past 29 years. He has started several churches in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alaska, and in the Slovakia republic and also has started a Bible School, as well as taking supplies to aid the hospitals in Honduras. He also teaches other pastors in the ways of the Lord. Robin holds Pastor conferences in India, Honduras, Africa, Armenia, Viet nam, Africa and Russia. Robin holds Crusade in Many Countries of the world like Pakistan, South Africa, Honduras, Zimbabwe, and India. He has been in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Belarus, Poland, Germany, England, Ghana, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, Armenia, and many other countries. Most important thing about Robin is hungry to see souls saved for the Kingdom of God. September 2008 Robin received Doctor of Divinity from School of Bible Theology Seminary and University San Jacinto, California from Dr. R.E. Anderson.