Hello  New Years is here 2019,

I just want write first all tell everyone than you for your support with funds and with your prayers,

We knew at Robin Harmia International Ministries that you all are very important to our success in the ministry. We can do the things we need to do without you support and prayers.

We need your support monthly, we have thing come up in the ministry and life just like you do, that surprise us, but we are alive and well and going after God.

We need your support in my month of Janauary 2019 , We still working on my wife visa as well to come to America to meet my friends and hope you will let her be your friend as well she wonderful woman, smart, anointed, called of God and she my wife.

We have special projects like building on out land we lease for church building, we have looked for months for build no available, we build building that seat 100 people for reasonable price.

So it is straight talk only way I knew how do things, nothing hidden, as Pastor sometime have tell people this is the situation so they can get behind it with funds, faith and prayer.

If your choice to help, you can send the money into By PayPal by sign up at (use email:;

you mail it to: Robin Harmia International Ministries, Inc.    PO Box 21605, Bullhead City, Az. 86439 or by credit or debit card call and talk James Office manager, if not available leave message with your phone and details    (928)-219-6694

And if your live in Washington, Oregon, California, other state that have US Bank, you can just go to the bank make deposit and sent email to me, Robin Harmia International Ministries, Inc. (account is 153592209537) and if you live in Oklahoma you can go to Arvest Bank and deposit, Robin Harmia International Ministries, Inc. (account is 1006150)

So, when choice give you have these options how sent support unto us. Whatever the amount we are thankful, we love what we doing for God, and we love each and every one of you. Thank you very much!

Sincerely you,

Happy New Year 2018,

Robin& Erlinda Harmia