Robin was born into family of four, he had to brothers Lewis and Charles and sister name Rose, Father was Vincent Charles Harmia which married Shirley Messenger (Harmia)Brownell. At age three years old Robin parents divorced, and Robin mother remarried to man that had two children David and Elizabeth, and his step name was Harry L. Brownell. Then Harry and Robin's mother had three girls, Shirley, Barbara and Virginia. Robin was raise with no real security and home life was lacking in food, clothing and emotion soundness, and lack of Christianity. But Robin become born again at age of  seven years old in Assembly of God in Malone, Washington. And in the main service Robin received the call of God to preach the Gospel.  Robin's home life was mess , lot violence's nd fighting growing up, and lot abuse in the household. Many night police would come to the home because parent fist fighting over what was service for dinner. Robin went to school his first year two room school house which has two teacher, one class was from first grade to fifth grade and other class was from sixth grade to ninth grade. Robin recall of what happen his first year was not much, never learned to read until God healed him when was 25 years old.    

Robin has the experience of over 30 years in the ministry and knew God, and operating in the Holy Spirit, He learned how work with Holy Spirit to bring Revival into the Heart of the Saint;s and give alter call that bring lost to Jesus Christ. So Schedule him into your church
  Fanning the Flames of Revival Across America
                                   Around the World